Bl. Vasyl Velychkovsky, Pt. 1 w/ Fr. John Sianchuk (GWUL 121)

Did you know there is an Eastern Catholic martyr buried in North America? This is part 1 of a very special interview with Fr. John Sianchuk, CSsR, about this great man of faith, Bl. Vasyl Velychkovsky. Fr. John is the Director of the Shrine of Bl. Vasyl Velychkovsky, the only main shrine of an Eastern Catholic martyr in North America. This man of God fearlessly served the underground Church in Ukraine despite years of persecution and torture.

In this first half, Fr. John tells us a bit about himself, what his ministry as a Redemptorist Ukrainian Catholic priest serving in Canada and Ukraine has looked like. He also gives us an overview of Bl. Vasyl’s life. Next week Fr. John shares even more amazing details about this Blessed martyr.

Diakonissa Maria’s saint of the week kept a roof from collapsing with his prayers.

More info on the Shrine of Bl. Vasyl Velychkovsky: