Development Planes & Debate Hymns w/ Pauline Meert & Fr. Michael Shami

What is a Montessori? A type of prehistoric creature? A luxury automobile? How about a Maronite? Listen to this week’s episode for these answers and much more!

My first guest is Pauline Meert, co-founder and director of Sophia Montessori in Denver, CO. Pauline will tells us all about the ONLY Byzantine Catholic Montessori in the United States, and probably even the world. Find out why this unique method of teaching is such a good match for passing on the faith.

After that, Fr. Michael Shami, a Maronite priest and Doctoral student in liturgics at Notre Dame University, tells us all about the Maronite Catholic Church, Syriac liturgy, and the Bl. Massabki Martyrs Mission in South Bend, IN.

Sophia Montessori:

Bl. Massabki Martyrs Mission: