Frequently Asked Questions

How does a webinar work? Do I have to have a webcam?

You do not have to have a webcam, and your video will not be turned on unless you request to be a panelist and turn it on yourself. If you would like to participate via video you’re welcome to do so! Once in the webinar, just click the raise hand button at the bottom of your screen and we’ll bring you up as a panelist, which will allow you to turn your video on and off in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Webinars are opened 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the presentation, and we’ll share news about upcoming events and other resources, as well as offer an opportunity for the host to answer general questions about the faith. We hope you’ll join us!

Can I ask questions during the webinar?

Yes, we welcome questions on the topic at hand. The speaker’s presentation is typically 50 minutes, followed by a short break, and then about 10 minutes of Q&A. Questions can be submitted beforehand when you register, or by emailing us at We will also take questions during the webinar and saved for Q&A. There are rules though! Questions must be on topic, one sentence long, with a question at the end!

Off-topic questions will be saved for a future pre-presentation discussion with hosts.

I have a suggestion for a speaker or a topic idea for a future webinar, can I submit them?

Absolutely! Feel free to submit suggestions using our contact form and they’ll be taken into consideration when planning for future events.