The Incarnation and the Cross

Understanding Christ's Redemptive Act

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It is no coincidence that the Great Feast of the Annunciation falls in the midst of the Great Fast, usually just before Great & Holy Week. This can seem odd sometimes, given our tendency to compartmentalize the events of Christ’s life, but it is essential that they be understood together. Join us as Fr. David Anderson shows us how integrally the two events are tied together, for they make up one redemptive act.


Rev. David Anderson
Rev. David Anderson

Rev. David E. Anderson is a priest of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Chicago. Educated at St. Vladimir’s Seminary, where he was a student of Rev. Alexander Schmemann, he was ordained in 1983. From before his ordination until now, he has been both a teacher and a translator of patristic and Byzantine liturgical texts. Especially known for his lectures on the early Church Fathers and the early liturgy he also currently serves as the full-time Byzantine chaplain at Wyoming Catholic College.