I Believe

A Study of the Creed of the Church

Wednesdays, April 14 - June 16 @ 8 - 9:30 p.m. ET

Today is the beginning of our salvation and the revelation of the mystery that was planned from all eternity: The Son of God becomes the Son of the Virgin, and Gabriel announces this gracLet the Creed be like a mirror for you. Look at yourself in it to see whether you really believe all that you claim to believe. And rejoice every day in your faith (Blessed Augustine).

Join Fr. David Anderson as we dive deeply into the study of our saving faith.


Rev. David Anderson
Rev. David Anderson

Rev. David E. Anderson is a priest of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Chicago. Educated at St. Vladimir’s Seminary, where he was a student of Rev. Alexander Schmemann, he was ordained in 1983. From before his ordination until now, he has been both a teacher and a translator of patristic and Byzantine liturgical texts. Especially known for his lectures on the early Church Fathers and the early liturgy he also is an instructor of philosophy at Mendocino College and chaplain at Wyoming Catholic College.


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