Entertaining Angels

The Ascetical Practice of Hospitality

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In the Old Testament, Abraham and Sarah served three strangers not knowing they were messengers of God, setting an icon for us to demonstrate that in serving our neighbor, we serve the one who came to save us. Join us as we explore the importance of hospitality to others in our Christian life.


Rev. Michael O'Loughlin & Mother Natalia
Rev. Michael O'Loughlin & Mother Natalia

Rev. Michael O’Loughlin is a priest of 16 years for the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Phoenix and is currently pastor of St. Mary’s Proto-Cathedral in Los Angeles, CA, also serving on the Vocations and Evangelization Committees for the Eparchy. He co-hosted the “Catholic Stuff You Should Know” while serving in Denver, CO and currently co-hosts the “What God is Not” podcast, a Byzantine Catholic podcast on Mystery, with Mother Natalia. Mother Natalia entered Christ the Bridegroom Monastery in 2015 and made her life profession on September 26, 2021. Prior to entering the monastery, she earned a B.S. in Engineering Physics, and has served as a missionary and as a high school math teacher in the inner city. She spends much of her time at the monastery coordinating retreats and ensuring visitors are received with hospitality.